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Krista does a great job of offering up a workout for any level and will give you at least 3 levels for all moves. From day one, you feel a warmth and acceptance from her that you do not get from other trainers. She is truly there to help you on your journey to being the best person you can be! If you haven’t worked out in a while, (which was my story when I started), I highly recommend Krista! There is no ‘gym intimidation’ with her class.

- Katie A.

About Krista

Krista Bergman created Verve Fitness as a place where you can find what works for you. Workouts that fit your schedule. Meals that are healthy AND enjoyable. Not either/or. Goals that YOU want to focus on in all areas of wellness. She provides a variety of tools for you to create a genuine lifestyle that is sustainable for you. You will find YOUR beat, turn it up, and rock it out together!